Do we really have thoughts and feelings?

Disclaimer: This is a follow up to my previous posts on the philosophy of mind series with Marianne Talbot. I suggest that you read those first to familiarise yourself with the arguments and terminology referenced in this post. Physicalist theories of mind, such as anomalous monism and functionalism, become problematic when considering certain features of… Continue reading Do we really have thoughts and feelings?


Jean-Paul Sartre’s bad faith

In Being and Nothingness, Sartre argues that consciousness is consciousness of its being (what we might call 'self-consciousness'). He also argues that what consciousness is conscious of - its 'being' - is that it is what it is not. What does this mean by this?  For Sartre, human consciousness is a 'nothingness' - it is unique in… Continue reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s bad faith